Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Melbourne Cup 2014

What an incredible day! 

Not only was today Melbourne Cup Day but also our precious grandmothers birthday. Nana (in Heaven) was remembered and honored this morning by the kids and I with our traditional Cup-Of-Tea with breakfast. It was a bit of an emotional morning for me waking up at 6am and reflecting on and sharing so many things I miss about her on Instagram. She is still so very loved and missed.

At around 9am, after Matt picked up Nevaeh, I threw on some daggy clothes and with the form guide in hand, headed to The Courthouse Hotel to place mine and the kids bets.. It was a bit of a different but nice vibe as I walked the streets of Bacchus Marsh this morning. People, men mostly, were all walking towards the main street with Form guides in their hands just like me. It gave a positive start to my day..

After placing my bets I bought home Win and Place tickets for Kelvene to fill out. 

Kelvene is a friend I met while in foster care in Brisbane all of 10 years ago. We went to high school together and from then until now have maintained an unbreakable sisterly friendship. It's still so sureal to have her here staying with us and being under the same roof again after all this time but I'm loving it big time.. And sharing her first Melbourne Cup experience in Melbourne was such a privilege..

Before we left to go out for lunch Jie and I took a few selfies..
As you do..

While Kelvene put her bets on I helped one of our precious elderly neighbours place her bets. I loved her theory. She backed the favorite.. The youngest horse.. and the oldest! I thought that was kind of Cute. 

Before the big race we went to The Loot Garden Cafe for lunch Kel's shout! Jie had a bowl of ice-cream and topping!! Kelvene had a burger with (not) the lot!! and I had their famous Hot Potato!! Highly recommend you visit them someday soon if your local. It's a family fave hot spot to wine and dine! 

This year Jie picked his horse based of the horses last 5 starts. 
Nevaeh picked her horse out purely on fashion, "the one with the lightning bolt.."
I picked mine based on the trainer and Kel picked hers on.. Well I don't know.. Maybe I should have asked her before she went to bed.
I also put one in each of the other races putting my money on David Hayes (my favorite trainer) and his nephews horses all day.

I got one third place.

But the day ended well with Kelvene having her money on the winner and winning her first ever Melbourne Cup race.. Although I was incredibly happy and excited for her, I was envious. She has been down here just over a week and is already doing so well in all she's attempting. Work for her is great, she has been getting amazing feedback from her study trainers and won the Cup! She has, is and forever will be my greatest inspiration..

Love ya Kels xx

*All photos were slightly tinted blue is honor of our Nana (in heaven). Her favorite color was blue <3
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy 25th Uncle Al..

Last night we celebrated my brother's birthday here at home. 
Pizza and birthday cake were consumed.
 A card and money given.
Kids happily played out the back.
Laughter and love warmed the living room.
It was amazing to see my brother looking so well.
And happy!

Thankful he came so we could spoil him a little..
Happy Birthday Al..
We love you.
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Friday, 24 October 2014

The Wait is Finally Over!

As of 10 days ago I am now again a student!
After completing a course in community services last year I was was so excited to finally do something for myself away from my kids. The day the course was completed my trainer pulled me aside to let me know that she really believed that Youth Work was a great goal for me and that she believed that I could achieve it. She told me to skip the certificate 3 in community services and to go straight into the Certificate 4 in Youth Work. Still today that means so much to me as I now believe in myself more than ever before. I'm finally able to continue making my dream of working with youth homelessness a reality.
So as of the 14th of October, I became a student of Australia's largest online course provider when I enrolled into their Certificate 4 in Youth Work! The course is completely delivered online with a large online and offline support base. I am studying through Open Colleges and all their certificates are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. The course is a 18 month course and is self paced which means that I have the opportunity to complete it before the time frame or it can be extended at a small fee. Everything is completely done online so I can study anywhere at anytime providing I can connect the internet. So far I am enjoying the first module and perfer to study at night.. I'm yet to advise a study plan to stick to but it's something I'll definately be investing in. So there you have it..I'm on my way towards a career I've been passionate in doing for longer than you've known me and I'm completely motivated and loving it! 
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Last Weekend with the Cousins..

Photo's from last weekend spending time with my nieces and nephew..
McHappy Day  Movie Nights  Uno Cards
Snuggles with the cats  Trampoline Fun 
Unlimited Internet  Snapchat  Junk Food 
Wii ♡ Car show ♡  Nova up loud
Jeanette  Janai  Hiram
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Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Sons Bedroom Reveal

For four days last week I had been hard at work. After finishing my daughters bedroom two short months ago.. Photo's here.. I lost a little motivation to get stuck into my sons room. It took a lot of work and time and patience to plaster, tape, cut in, paint and fiddle around with the high gloss enamel (which I have a love-hate relationship with) for the trims, door and window frames and door itself. But I got there in the end. Interior decorating is something I love to do and with Jie wanting a beached themed naughtical/fishing room I sure had my work cut out. Living far away from the beach in a small country town I was surprised I found anything. But find things I did! and let's face it - Ebay came in handy too!

So here is a look at my 8 year old sons brand new Bedroom!

Plastering and covering holes.

Before walls.

Before walls.

Nevaeh painting Elephants and Rainbows.

Jie's New Room!

Jie's Space


Spare bed space.

World Map (He wanted)

Cork Board.

Two tone furniture, Bag hook and New TV*

Boat Bag Hook.
Toy Box and Book Case.
What do you think guys? 
Anything you see Pin worthy?
Jie doesn't mind sharing..

*Special thanks to Mark Shilling for Jie's new flat screen TV!
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Friday, 10 October 2014

Thankful 4

Tonight I thought I'd share 4 things that I am totally thankful for beginging with my Dad.

My Dad is my rock. His advice, opinions and thoughts really matter to me. I am so so thankful to have him in my life. I love that I have a Dad who cares so much for me and my children, who actually goes to great lengths to protect my heart. He is so genuine and the amount of love he has for me is felt even though we may not talk daily. He is a blessing in disguise and I don't think I give him enough credit for how much he makes me feel as though I want to be a better person and make him proud. So tonight I am thankful for him.

The second thing I am incredibly thankful for is the time I have spent able to be a stay-at-home mother these past 9 years. It hasn't always been easy and I have grown and changed these past few years but the rewards are in my children being able to have me there for them, to see their firsts, correct bad behavior and to be able to give them expectations which coincide christian living. I would like to thank the tax payers for the ability to be the one raising my children and to able to have the money to provide them their needs. I am wholeheartedly grateful.

Thirdly I am grateful for the opportunity to give back. While being a mother had been amazing in every area of my life so far, I am looking forward to being able to work and study towards a career in which I've wanted since before I had my children. I see so many friends achieving so much and I feel like having children has held me back from me being able to accomplish my goals. But I am thankful that with this new year I will be able to study my way towards a career I've always wanted and work so that others can have the same opportunity of raising their kids as I have mine.

And finally I am so thankful for the opportunities I've had so far this year. Highlights like being able to turn my house into a home for myself and my children, to become closer to my neighbors and to just take time to thank God for the little details in every day life I took for granted. Long distant phone calls with friends, being present at my Uncle's wedding not long ago and being able to spend time with my nieces and nephew and hear they're hearts. Life is bittersweet but I'm so thankful for mine. I have a lot to treasure and praise Jesus for!
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